Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Importance of Using the Right Hobcare Products To Clean Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic glass hobs are made from a very expensive but easily damaged form of glass, so it is important that you take proper care of them when cleaning if you want to keep them clean and scratch free. Ceramic hobs are manufactured from a soft type of glass that once damaged is often irreparable. Damage to ceramic hobs is often the result of people being too rough with them during the cleaning process. In order to prevent damage, ceramic hobs must be gently cleaned with care.

In many cases, cleaning a ceramic hob is usually quite a simple process. For immediate spillages or stains, a wipe down with a damp cloth after use is usually sufficient to leave your hobs clean. It is usually easier to remove spillage stains whilst the hobs are still warm (not hot). For larger spillages or more difficult stains, a damp cloth is unlikely to suffice and specialist ceramic hob cleaner products will be needed.

When attempting to tackle tougher stains on a ceramic hob, it is always advisable to used specialist hobcare products and cleaning equipment. Hobcare products are designed specifically for cleaning easily damaged ceramic and halogen hobs and keeping them in perfect condition.

For burnt on debris and deposits, before applying a specialist cleaning agent, it is important to remove what you can with a ceramic scraper. Abrasive equipment such as wire brushes may remove burnt on deposits from your hob, but they will permanently damage it. Ceramic scrapers are hobcare products that are designed to remove burnt deposits before cleaning and polishing without damaging ceramic hobs.

Many specialist ceramic hob cleaner products will also protect against damage from sugars and starches that could be harmful to a ceramic hob. Non-abrasive hobcare products such as Easy-Do Cleaner Conditioner are designed to help remove touch stains from ceramic surfaces, breaking them down, and then leaving a protective film to protect against further spillages. This in turn makes the next clean easier.

For especially tough stains you can use a more powerful ceramic hob cleaner such as Hobcare Power Cleanser. This should be used only once or twice a week in order to help remove salt and mineral stains and any remaining burnt on deposits.

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