Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Top 10 List Of House Cleaning Supplies Every Home Needs

Cleaning the house isn’t everyone’s favourite job but with the right equipment and materials in place it can be a more effective and often quicker task.  Here are our top 10 list of house cleaning supplies that we think every home need:

1) A vacuum cleaner – where would we be without the humble vacuum?  Available in many different sizes and varieties including cylinder, bagless and upright.  Ultimately it is best to choose the one that is most comfortable for you to use – not too heavy to drag around and capable of getting into the corners.

2) Cleaning cloths – microfibre cloths are the best kind as they don’t leave any lint or dust behind after you have cleaned, thus leaving your surfaces looking clean dust free. 

house cleaning supplies

3) Multi purpose cleaner – it really does what it says on the bottle – cleans a multitude of surfaces!  There are many different varieties of cleaner from the ecological to the basic big brand makes so choose one that you like the smell of and that suits your cleaning needs.

4) A mop and bucket – mopping the floors is essential if you have hard floors and is a quick and easy way to remove the dirt and grime carried into your home by people and pets.  Microfibre mops work well on most floor surfaces and remember to mop on wet and then dry mop to get most of the moisture off the floor surfaces so they don’t take forever to dry!

5) Scouring pads and dishwashing brushes – although many of us are lucky enough to have dishwashers there are still some items that need to be washed by hand so having a good scouring pad or dishwashing brush handy for those heavily soiled pans is will save time and effort in the washing up stakes.

6) Hob cleaner – whether you have gas, electric or halogen hobs, cleaning these surfaces is essential to remove food residue from the cooking processes and keep your kitchen sparkly and shiny. Using a hob cleaner specific to your cooker type will ensure the best results.

7) Glass cleaner – it can be difficult to achieve a streak free finish when cleaning windows and mirrors but if you use special glass cleaning products your job will be easier and the results much more impressive.

8) Toilet brush – it might sound obvious but a toilet brush is an essential member of the house cleaning supplies kit as it enables you to clean the curves and corners of the toilet bowl.

9) Tile and grout cleaner – tiles and grout, particularly in damp areas such as bathrooms can be prone to mould and mildew which will discolour the grout and give the room a dirty appearance.  Using specialist tile and grout cleaners will ensure the walls and surfaces look clean and fresh.

10) Rubber gloves – if you are going to be doing all this cleaning it is best not to get your hands dirty so protect them with some suitably sized rubber gloves

Happy Cleaning!

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